Earley Adopt-a-Street Initiative (EASI) is goes from strength to strength

TEN years after its inauguration, EASI now (April 2020) has over 300 members, actively and regularly tidying up the streets and green spaces of Earley, but more are needed.

Maiden Erlegh Residents' Association
Earley Environmental Group
have formed
(Earley Adopt-a-Street Initiative)

Want to have an impact on the look of our town? It's EASI ! Our councils cannot possibly deal with the litter problem unaided, so we are a group of people who have offered each to keep our own stretch of road clear of litter. You are invited to join us, and litter-pick on your street - or maybe a local footpath etc.

You will have the satisfaction afterwards of looking out at a clean street, giving a little pleasure to a lot of people who will also see it, and also gently deterring the litterers from dropping the next item (this has been scientifically proved to work!).

Our local councils are supplying everyone with a litter-picking tool, gloves - and a yellow jacket if you want one (for safety and to help spread the message). What you collect can be put out with your weekly refuse - special Adopt-a-Street bags are available from Wokingham Borough Council if you need them.

Want to find out more?
Phone Brian on 9861115,
or email.

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