Earley's Green Corridor

The Earley Environmental Group (EEG) has developed a Green Corridor Network for Earley. The network combines Earley’s green spaces and green links to create a series of linear corridors that can be protected and enhanced as a comprehensive body of ecological sites and natural habitats. Within each corridor, each green space and link has a role to play in providing local wildlife with natural habitats and routes. Many of them also provide Earley’s residents with valued leisure space. You can download a full copy of the document.

The green corridor concept is based on the findings of a report published in 2010; Making Space for Nature: A Review of England’s Wildlife Sites and Ecological Network; otherwise known as the “Lawton Report”, named after Professor Sir John Lawton, who chaired the group that produced the report. The report looked at ways of better connecting England’s wildlife to strengthen ecological networks and encourage nature to thrive against the pressures of climate change and increased development.

The principle of the Earley Green Corridor Network has already been adopted by Earley Town Council within its Interim Earley Green Infrastructure Action Plan, updated in April 2022, which states that “A Green Corridor Map being prepared by the Earley Environmental Group will be the hub of all Green Infrastructure policies”. This is a major step forward in protecting Earley’s green environment. Wokingham Borough Council’s support for the network will also be sought, specifically for its adoption as a tool for assessing how individual planning developments will impact on Earley’s environmental network.

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