Fauna Links

Living RecordLiving Record allows you to create your own records system and gives you access to a selection of distribution maps. Records that are submitted are reviewed online and passed on to local and national record centres and to organisations working for conservation. Your records can then form part of the big picture which is used nationally and locally to understand species distribution and population trends, to identify key sites, and to develop conservation plans.
To find out more, have a look at the website. This link will allow you to join the Earley recording team. There is also a user guide.
Contact the EEG WebMaster for further information on how to take part, for help in setting up or understanding how the site works and so that you can be added to our Earley Users Group.

BBOWTVisit Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) to find out about nature reserves to visit, great days out, wildlife advice, how to contact then, and most importantly, how you can get involved. Their vision is to create a region rich in wildlife and appreciated by all. With your help they can:

  • inspire people to take action for wildlife,
  • create and manage nature reserves for wildlife and
  • conserve and enhance wildlife in the wider countryside and urban areas.

Berkshire Moth GroupCheck out the Berkshire Moths Group website. The group has enjoyed a steady growth in membership since 1999, when it started in the Maiden Over pub, under the name of Second Thursday.

BWARSBees, wasps and ants are among the most important animals on the planet and are essential for the health and survival of countless other species - ourselves included. If you want to learn about them, the new BWARS website is a fantastic, authoritative and accessible on-line resource. We ignore these fascinating and indispensable creatures at our peril.

Oxfordshire ARGThe Oxfordshire ARG are a group started in 2002 with the aim of recording and publishing information about all the amphibians and reptiles in Oxfordshire. If you live in the local area, you can get directly involved, if you are further afield we hope you find the information here interesting. You can join the email list if you would like to be informed when the latest distribution maps are published and for other news.

The Wokingham and Bracknell RSPB Local Group is one of around 170 local members groups in the UK, which exist to bring members together to share their common interest, andLocal RSPG Group enable them to help the RSPB. All of our meetings are open to anyone, whether members of the RSPB or the local group or not. The group has a current membership of just over 200 and is based at the Finchampstead Memorial Hall, Finchampstead Village. Whatever your interest in birds, we hope there will be something for you in our range of activities.

Bumblebee Conservation trustThe Bumblebee Conservation Trust was founded in response to growing concerns about the 'plight of the bumblebee'. Three species are already extinct in the UK and several others have experienced dramatic declines. We aim to prevent further declines, and to raise awareness of the problems bumblebees face. We now have over 2,300 members ranging from enthusiastic and concerned amateurs right through to internationally renowned research scientists. All of us share a common affection for these affable insects and a desire to see them conserved for future generations.

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