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Community orchard planted in Earley

On a bright but blustery spring morning, a group of Earley Town Council park rangers, university students and local volunteers - not forgetting the Mayor - planted out a new community orchard in the town. The location is to the east of the BMX track in the Paddick Drive reserve. A total of 21 trees were planted, chosen for their association with Berkshire and historic importance. The trees planted were:

John Standish (Berks)
Charles Ross (Berks)
Strawberry Pippin (Berks/Woodley)
Winston (Berks)
Pomona (Bucks)
Blenheim Orange (Oxon)
Arthur Turner (Bucks)
Millers Seedling (Berks)
Charles Eyre (Berks)
Caudal Market (Oxon)
Old Fred (Oxon)
Cox's Orange Pippin (Berks)
Grenadier (Bucks)
Williams Bon Chretien (Berks)
Beurre Hardy
Doyenne Du Comice
Marjorie's Seedling (Berks)
Aylesbury Prune
Old Green Gage
Black Mulberry
Morello, donated by residents

After all the hard work, the team enjoyed home-made cakes supplied by the Mayor and Jean!

Below are some pictures taken during the planting. Click here to see a sketch showing where the various trees were planted.

Click on a picture for a larger image

Getting ready Planting
Jean and Jeremy The Mayor and co
Nearly finished The final scene
Apple blossom Cheery blossom

March 2015
Blossom pictures, April 2015

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